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Products > Pharmaceutical Intermediates > > Prilocaine Hydrochloride/ Prilocaine HCl 1786-81-8
Prilocaine Hydrochloride/ Prilocaine HCl 1786-81-8
Prilocaine Hydrochloride/ Prilocaine HCl 1786-81-8
Product name : Prilocaine Hydrochloride/ Prilocaine HCl 1786-81-8
Item : 1786-81-8
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Quick details:


Product Name Prilocaine hydrochloride
Trade Name Citanest
Other namePrilocaine hydrochloride; 2 - propylamine base - o C amide toluene hydrochloride; Prilocaine hydrochloride; Prilocaine hydrochloride; Prilocaine HCL
CAS  1786-81-8
Molecular formula  C13H21ClN2O
EINECS  217-244-0
Molecular Weight  256.77
Assay  99% 
Shipping  Express Courier
StandardEnterprise Standard 
 UseLocal anesthetics, long duration, lower toxicity,
chemicals that are also small suitable for epidural anesthesia,
block anesthesia and infiltration anesthesia, etc.



Propitocaine hydrochloride is a local anesthetic of the amino amide type first prepared by Claes Tegner and Nils Lö Fgren. In its injectable form, it is often used in dentistry. It is also often combined with lidocaine as a preparation for dermal anesthesia (lidocaine/prilocaine or EMLA), for treatment of conditions like paresthesia. As it has low cardiac toxicity, it is commonly used forintravenous regional anaesthesia. 

In some patients, a metabolite of prilocaine may cause the unusual side effect of methemoglobinemia, which may be treated with methylene blue. 

Other Anaesthetics APIs:

Tetracaine hydrochloride CAS: 136-47-0
Benzocaine CAS: 94-09-7
Lidocaine Base CAS: : 137-58-6
Lidocaine Hydrochloride CAS: 73-78-9
Procaine hydrochloride CAS: 51-05-8
Aarticaine hydrochloride CAS: 23964-57-0
Propitocaine hydrochloride CAS: 1786-81-8
Levobupivacaine hydrochloride CAS: 27262-48-2
Ropivacaine mesylate CSA: 854056-07-8

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